Thursday, November 30, 2006

Impartial Politics in Belfast

A brilliant panel on Question Time. Martin McGuiness, David Trimble, Jeffrey Donaldson, Mark Durkin, Peter Hain. All sitting round the same table. (Funny, though, that if you put them in a line-up and said "Spot The Terrorist", I bet every innocent bystander would pick out Mark Durkin. By the way, two of this panel have an alleged terrorist history - which two? You may be surprised.)
Best thing about this question time - seeing these disparate politicians sharing a stage and actually talking to each other without any posturing. (Look - sharing a table with Sinn Fein/ DUP/UUP/Tories/Labour isn't really that hard... )
Worst thing - the question "Is Russia fit to be a sovereign state?" quickly descending into a playground argument about northern ireland. An easy truth - when you can have an argument about Russia and stick to arguing about Russia, you've made it. The very second you need to say "And being a Chechnyan in Moscow kind of reminds me of being a Catholic in Belfast" or "And being a Chechnyan in Moscow kind of reminds me of being a Protestant in Belfast"you have lost the point completely.
Any road up, it continues to be fascinating, seeing David Trimble and Martin McGuiness sitting almost next to each other. Maybe between these aging men there might be a solution to this problem?