Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Left, The Even Lefter, and the Wardrobe.

Wow! Jack Dromey's toys are well and truly out of the pram. I've just watched his interview with Jermey Paxman and I think this is the first time I've seen a member of the Labour NEC lose it so publicly and so irreversibly. Unless you count Time Team, of course.
It appears that Jack Dromey was unaware of loans of large amounts of money to the party. Which would be fine if he wasn't Treasurer. Tony Blair explains that he's not actually the treasurer in law, the chair of the NEC is. Well, fine, but you'd think they might have mentioned it to him. "Oh, look, some Tory bloke's lent us a few quid. Well, a few million quid. Doesn't matter, just stick it in the biscuit tin." Dromey has been signing off the accounts, perfectly legitimately, for years but it seems that loans don't necessarily appear in them. I must remember that the next time I look at my bank statement.
Unfortunately for all concerned, Jack Dromey's wife just happens to be in the Cabinet. I can't remember off the top of my head what Harriet Harman's job is this week, but I seem to recall that she's quite important. Although, it seems, suddenly less important than she was yesterday. At her own request.
I should clarify my position here. Tony Blair is a good thing, and New Labour is a good thing (forbye the Iraq war, which still makes me angry). I've worked in great depth with the SWP over the years, but still I have no time for their literally reactionary attitudes. The SWP made me angry on a daily basis, whereas New Labour only makes me angry about once a week. At the same time I have no doubt about the SWP's sincerity and commitment. New Labour just makes me ask questions.
The only certainty I hold in all of this is that a Conservative government would be much, much worse. And I can produce evidence.
Nice wardrobe, by the way.

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