Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bye, Graeme!

An extremely interesting evening, football wise. Chelsea drew, Liverpool drew, ManU and Arsenal lost. I'm beginning to suspect that Roman Abramovich has signed one of those pact-with-the-devil things; whenever Chelski don't win, nobody else does either. Big up the Russian Federation.
And also, Sol Campbell was substituted by Arsene Wenger. The Arse can dress it up how they like, but the Formerly Godlike (ie, when he played for Tottenham) Sol has been deemed surplus to requirements. That is, he was shite tonight, and West Ham weren't. And it appears that Sol, having been subbed, took the Mercedes 4x4 home before the second half started. Not cool.
Don't even get me started about Joey Barton.
I tend to think the main story of tonight is likely to be the demise of Graeme Souness. Oh, has he not gone yet?

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