Wednesday, January 25, 2006

George - You Have Been Evicted.

Hello, and a very belated Happy New Year.
This week, I have been mainly exercised by George Galloway.
The Yanks may remember Gorgeous George from his spat with the Un-American-Activities-Committee (I know its not really called that) a few months ago, when he defended his right to meet Saddam Hussein and describe him as 'indefatigable'. He was also quite rude to a few Senators, as I recall. We all thoroughly enjoyed that here in the UK.
The Brits will now mainly remember George for being evicted from the Big Brother House, and for his worryingly life-like cat impression. And for his infinite capacity for self-delusion.
I personally mainly remember him from Dundee in the Seventies, when he was almost alone in the UK in agreeing with the PLO, and for which he was absolutely right.
(It is true that when I recall the Big Brother thing I will mainly be getting annoyed about the English media using the phrase 'the Glaswegian George Galloway'. Its not even close to being a Glasgow accent, for heaven's sake. Bloody hell.)
Anyway, I mainly hope he will take the SWP down with him. The fact that they were taken in by him is a bit of a worry for them, and they may wish to revisit their PR company. Mostly, though, the people of Brick Lane and its surrounding constituency may well wish to review their vote at the next election.
Also it's worth noting that he's been paid out of the public purse for taking three weeks off. I'm pretty sure Tower Hamlets' teachers, councillors, bin-men, planners, nurses, doctors, would not be allowed three weeks in the Big Brother house at your expense.
Tonight I have mainly been very annoyed. Does it show?
One further thought - George now seems to think that all publicity is good publicity. It isn't.

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