Thursday, December 15, 2005

Another Football Rant

So Roy Keane is going to be a Celtic player. If the popular press is right, he's going to drop 70 grand a week, which makes for for very interesting sums. Was he on 110 grand a week, down to 40? Or maybe a more prosaic 90 down to 20? Either way, the poor lad is apparently worth three and a half million pounds a year less than he was. And for what? The Celtic fans hate him already for being an English has-been, and you can be sure the Rangers fan will hate the little Taig anyway. If he gets the chance, Mick McCarthy will enjoy the Celtic fans shouting "You're not even Scottish, you Irish cunt." (That's an inside joke, by the way, if you were paying attention to Ireland at the last World Cup).
I'm really looking forward to the next Old Firm game - I bet Roy Keane is going to be a lovely, calming influence. Not at all like Paul Gascoigne or Graham Roberts.
Speaking of which, I also believe it's long since time Rangers and Celtic fucked off to the English Premier League, where I imagine they'll be very succesful after a year or two. And Dundee United will then win everything in Scotland always.

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