Monday, August 29, 2005

Scotland is a Northern European country.

Following a long discussion with some friends, I've come over all Scottish this evening.
Scotland, it seems to me, has much more in common with Lithuania and Estonia than it does with England. Small nations in Europe with really top capital cities. Edinburgh, Tallinn and Vilnius bring every Grimm's fairy tale you've ever read to life.
But, on the other hand, there is no city in the world that is in the same league as London.
Go figure. And discuss.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

I Love The Rezillos!

Oh my god, Jane Gazow is now interviewing Eugene Reynolds. I feel simultaneously very old and very excited. The Rezillos have been ignored for several decades, and now they're getting back together.
Now she's playing 'I Love My Baby 'Cos She Does Good Sculptures, Yeah.'
For some reason she's not playing 'Someone's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight.'
There is nothing in the world like drunken nostalgia. You should try it.

BBC 6 Music is still the best thing on the planet.

Pixies. Debaser. How much better can it get?
Repeat after me - "Chien Andalucia"
And more Rezillos to come.........

More Excuses

I suspect you realised that yesterday's post was the result of happy, home-loving drunkenness. I can think of no other excuse for blogging about CBeebies. Without mentioning Little Robots. Or the Bath Thingies. (How much do you reckon people like Neil Morrissey, Alan Titchmarsh, John Gordon Sinclair, that bloke out of Drop The Dead Donkey and Ballykissangel - and of course Richard Briers - get paid for doing that stuff?)
We're off to Wales this weekend, then London, so I may not be blogging much until the end of next week. Which would actually be quite frequent for me.
Further proof that radio 6 is aces - I'm currently listening to the Rezillos 'Top Of The Pops', a truly excellent pop song. Preceded by a phone interview with the godlike Jo Callis.Wonder what Fay Fife is doing these days? Jane Gazow is playing an entire Rezillos session from 1977 - as you might expect, recorded for the show of the also godlike John Peel.
I'm looking forward to going back to London. I get to drive along the North Circ again. Not very exciting, I know, but when you've lived in Devon for 6 years it's kind of terrifiying. In a good way.
Obviously, this is another drunken blog. Maybe I should get out less.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

God, I Love BBC Radio 6

Holidays are wonderful, but coming home is wonderful too. Mallorca has so much to write about. But, though, coming home to your own house, your own living room, your own bedroom, watching the toddler as he remembers the toys he left two weeks ago, and then remembering that BBC 6 is the best radio station on the planet. So much to enjoy.
We've spent the last two weeks in Spain surrounded by CBeebies. Our two-year-old loves it. From 5 in the morning till it shuts at about 6pm. In between times, we went to the beach. Or took a long walk. But we always ended up with CBeebies. We know all the songs, we are intimately familiar with Blue Cow. And Big Cook, Little Cook. Tikkabilla, Teletubbies, StoryMakers. And the CBeebies song. Everything is done the CBeebies Way. The only question is - What's the story in Balamory?
But the best thing about being home is Radio 6. I'm listening to a Joe Strummer tribute on Jane Gazow's programme, and I'm thinking how exceptional this is. And then this is followed by a track that includes Bobby Gillespie. Then the Stereophonics. Radio 6 is cool as....